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Plate Fabrication is a process of cutting, forming, welding, assembling and finishing of steel plates of varied thicknesses for manufacturing the sections and shapes that cannot be produced by other processes of hot rolling, casting, forging or forming, etc.
Plate Fabrication is utmost important to manufacture structural components of … Read More

Structural Steel Fabrication focuses on manufacturing of various types of structural components and accessories from steel for use in construction of bridges, flyovers, multi-storied buildings, stadiums, airports, metro rail projects, industrial structures, steel plants, power plants, refineries, jetties, etc.
Most of the Structural Steel Fabrications can … Read More

Steel Fabrication is the process of cutting, bending, joining, assembling and finishing as per product’s drawing, design, material specification and end-user’s requirement. It requires specialized knowledge of steels/materials, cutting/processing/forming and welding/joining. Customized fabrication is like a tailor’s job that requires perfect analyses of drawings, cutting plans of metal … Read More