Plate Fabrication

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Plate Fabrication

Plate Fabrication is a process of cutting, forming, welding, assembling and finishing of steel plates of varied thicknesses for manufacturing the sections and shapes that cannot be produced by other processes of hot rolling, casting, forging or forming, etc.

Plate Fabrication is utmost important to manufacture structural components of bridges, pillars, columns, leaders, towers, posts, poles, shades, buildings, etc. Equipments assemblies, sub-assemblies for material handling, pressure vessels, storage tanks, silos, mixers, cones, frames, chassis, canopies, or custom designed plants are also manufactured by plate fabrications.

Spacechem has manufacturing resources with over 25 years of production expertise that covers the widest range of plate fabricated sections, assemblies and equipment for industrial and infrastructure applications.

Spacechem has successfully added an exclusive production shop of Plate Fabricated Beams (large and jumbo) to its custom manufacturing for offering:
• H-type Beams
• I-type Beams
• Box Sections
• Star Columns

Manufacturing of these sections is customized as per user’s specification and meet the quality standards demanded by the industry. Our production capacity of 1,200 tonnes per month offers following range and sizes:

  • Beam Height : 200 to 2000 mm
  • Beam Length : 3.0 to 14.0 mt
  • Flange Width : 200 to 1000 mm
  • Flange Thickness : 8 to 80 mm
  • Web Thickness : 8 to 60 mm


  • Beams are tailor made to customer’s specifications.
  • Beams can be fabricated to very precise dimensions on account of automatic/mechanised processing as compared to on-site fabrication.
  • The welding is done using submerged arc welding machines which enhances the quality of weld far superior to on-site weld
  • Plate cutting is done using CNC flame cutting machines
  • Edge and face mill facilities are available precision fabrication
  • To be fabricated Beam parts are assembled and SAW welded on an on-line assembly machine and Corimpex welding machine
  • On-line Hole drilling, Sawing and marking is done on rolled beams using Ficep automatic CNC drilling/sawing/marking machines
  • Shot blasting machine is used to shot blast fabricated components before painting as per customer’s requirements
  • No manual handling of the beams in the process line and hence the possibilities of mechanical damage is eliminated
  • Beams can be delivered factory finished, face milled, shot-blasted and/or primer coated condition
  • Rolled or fabricated beams with holes drilled, with, stiffeners, base plates, splice plates etc, ready to be used at the site are supplied from JSPL fabrication facilities
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