Steel Fabrication


Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication is the process of cutting, bending, joining, assembling and finishing as per product’s drawing, design, material specification and end-user’s requirement. It requires specialized knowledge of steels/materials, cutting/processing/forming and welding/joining. Customized fabrication is like a tailor’s job that requires perfect analyses of drawings, cutting plans of metal sheets, plates or sections of right choice aiming for minimum wastage or maximum yield.

For complex shapes, cutting, shaping and matching the metal cut pieces before joining or welding is more an art than science based on visualization and expertise of shop supervisor. Fabricated assemblies may also require machined components as per drawing. Scope of automation is remote or limited to repeat operation for similar jobs.

Spacechem provides welding and assembly services ranging from prototype to large scale production volumes. Because, we offer custom metal fabrication services, the variety of products we can produce is endless. The flexibility allows many unique products for variety of application in the industrial sector.

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